Spring League FAQs

When will the league start and what days will we play?

The Spring League will start on April 1st and will run on Saturdays/Sundays until June 4thth. Easter and Memorial weekends are off weeks.

I have a roster of 11/12 players. Should I enter two teams?

We encourage coaches to ensure players get as much time on the field as possible.  2009 - 2007 play 5 v 5 teams with 11-12 players can split into  two teams. 2006 - 2003 play 7 v 7  teams with rosters of 14/15 should enter 2 teams.

There is a price reduction of $50 per team if you split your single team into 2 seperate teams.  For more information on this contact blake.george@southbaypdl.com.

If I have 2 teams for my one club team, can I move players between teams?

The league operates a flex roster system. Using this allows teams to enter all of their players onto each of the rosters. Players can then play between both teams entered for their one club team.

What should I bring on the first day of play?

On the first day of play teams should bring:

  • A roster for each team entered, with each players name on it.
  • An $10 roster fee for each player on the roster.