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League Rules
  • All players will be expect to wear full soccer attire including jersey, shorts and socks. 
  • Each player will be required to wear soccer appropriate footwear for the surface that they will play on. 
  • All players must wear shin guards in order to play.
  • The home team will be required to change to a different jersey if there is a clash of colors. (Pinnies provided)
The Field - The field will be conducive to 5v5 play for U8 through lower flight U11 age groups. High flight U11 through U14 will play 6 v 6, (5 field players + a goal keeper). 
The Ball - U7-U12 will use a regular size 4 soccer ball. U13-U14 will use a regular size 5 soccer ball. The home team for each game will provide 3 match balls.
Players - Every league game will be 5v5 for U8 through lower flight U11 and 6v6 for high flight U11 through U14. 
Match Officials - Each league game will have one match manager.
Match Duration - Games will be 40 minutes in duration. Team will switch sides at half time.
Kick Off - All kick offs are in-direct. A shot cannot be taken directly from the kick off. 

Start and restart of play - Play will begin at the designated center of the field, at the start of each half and after each and every goal.

Ball in and out of play - The field of play will have defined boundaries. In-direct kick-ins will be taken when the ball leaves the field of play. Players are required to restart the game with-in 4 seconds of the ball leaving play. Opposing players are required to be 6 feet away from any restart. 
Offside - The offside rule will not be in affect in the Spring League.
Fouls and Misconduct - All fouls and misconduct will be dealt with by the match manager, and their decision will be final. Cards will not be issued, but players can be asked to leave the field of play at anytime by the match manager. 
Free-kicks - All free-kicks on the field of play will be direct.
Substitutions -  Can be made at anytime during the match.  Exiting player must be fully off of the field, in front of their team bench before substitute can enter field of play.
Goalkeepers - Goalkeepers may not punt, drop kick, or volley.  Goal keepers cannot use their hands to pick-up a backpass from their own team
Coaches - Coaches are only expected to coach their teams at half time, before/after each game.