Why we play small-sided?
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The results of several studies clearly demonstrate that the small-sided game is developmentally appropriate. Research has indicated these insights about the small-sided game

·       Far more meaningful touches of the ball 

·       Constant transition from attack to defense in all areas of the field

·       More destabilizing passes attempted in the small-sided game.

·       More 1 v 1 confrontations

·       Increased opportunities to combine to create overload situations

·       More chances to finish on goal

·       Greater technical & tactical skills required by goalkeepers

·       More distribution decisions made by goalkeepers

·       Repeated decision making experience by all players

·       An optimal fitness load appropriate for the off season

·       More individual responsibility, every player must attack and defend

·       Freedom of expression 

·       Less stress on the player when playing the small-sided game

·       Less negative comments on the small-sided game

·       More active participation is directly related to fun and enjoyment



The South Bay Player Development League!

Provides a safe, competitive, developmentally appropriate structure for your player to reach their maximal potential.


South Bay Player Development League helps recovery!

After player’s peak performances in state/national cup, and stresses of tryouts, SBPDL is designed to be the cycle of recovery where players can continue to play competitively but in a relaxed environment, against other developmentally conscious players.


South Bay Player Development League puts the player first!

Field managers, not referees keep the game managed and more importantly the sidelines in check.  Coaching from the sidelines is strongly discouraged.  We want the players to have fun making decisions inside of the match without outside influence.


South Bay Player Development League is fun!

The atmosphere is always electric.  There are good games to watch before and after your match.  Different events will coincide with the league season.


South Bay PDL is consistent!

Professionally administrated, full season schedule is released week 1.  Facilities are top class turf.  Competition level is appropriate.