Thank You from South Bay PDL
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We would like to sincerely thank you for playing in the South Bay PDL Spring League this season.  We hope you received the competition, format, and experience to help kick off your new season right!  South Bay PDL celebrated its 5th year at the conclusion of this season, and we are truly proud that the league has had a place in the community for so long.

Over the past 5 years since starting the spring league the landscape of youth soccer has changed substantially.  We created this league to fill the void of the endless/pricey scrimmages (& scrimmage cancellations), long distance drives for inappropriate league matchups, and the lack of appropriate competition for the beginning of the season.  We also saw an opportunity  for the local clubs  to work together, play together, and share best practices to help players develop.

With the help of some like-minded soccer coaches, South Bay PDL was born. A small sided league based off of a 5v5 model (Futsal) that provided: more decision making opportunities for players, in a small sided low pressure environment, with more touches on the ball, and a way for players and clubs to kick off the new season locally.  A very big thank you to Greg Vanney, Michael Quigley, Shelly Marsden, Lee Hancock, Phil Fisher, our field managers, and various others for contributions big and small.

Thousands of players that have participated in the South Bay PDL and many have gone on to the top levels of youth competition, we like to think that our league environment had some small part in that.  

That being said we realize there are things that need to continue to develop for the league to have a lasting presence.  So we have partnered with Steel Sports and they are helping us evaluate how you feel about the league. Together we have created 2 short surveys.  One survey is for coaches/managers, the other is for parents/players.   

If you could please forward this email to the families on your team we would appreciate their feedback as we continue to try to provide the best and most cutting edge soccer programming for the players in the South Bay. 

We will also have the links to the survey posted on our social media and website. 

Again Thank You for attending this season South Bay PDL, and we look forward to seeing you out on the field.

Tim & Blake 
Coach/Manager Survey
Parent Survey