What do the Coaches Say?
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The South Bay Player Development League is an exciting soccer environment for players to develop in the South Bay area! 
The goal of the Spring League is to ensure players “get back to basics” with lots of repetitions of basic technique, application of technique and to ensure they maintain that desire and passion for the game.  Based on these factors we have decided that our players not only use their spring to maximize development but also use it to keep costs down and stay local. Each team will play 8 games.
Why should my team play in the South Bay Player Development League?

"CDA Slammers FC is excited in joining the South Bay Player Development League. We strongly feel that this league will create a positive environment where our players can develop skill, imagination, creativity and decision making."

Alex Camargo & Walter Camargo, Executive Directors, CDA Slammers FC

"The Spring League"
  •   Is developmentally appropriate 
    • as it has fewer players that a “ normal” game numbers 
    • is played on a smaller field which allows players to get a lot of touches and utilize their technique in tight spaces
  • Allows for multiple problem solving opportunities as they are playing with smaller numbers which means 
    • more touches on the ball (so more chances for choices) 
    • fewer decisions for them to make with the ball…which means a higher success rate for getting right answers 
  • Essentially the league provides our players with multiple opportunities to make decisions in competitive games that are local and cost effective"                                     
                                                                                                                 Dr. Lee Hancock, LA Galaxy South Bay, Director of Player Development
"The South Bay PDL is the optimal spring learning environment for every youth team.  The small-sided game format is an excellent place to maximize a player's touches on the ball, enhance a player's tactical awareness and improve a player's leadership and communication skills"                                           
                                                                                                                                                                                     Corey Prost, LAGSB Coach
"1. Well Organized
2. Enjoyable and Pleasent Atmosphere
3. Balanced Competition
4. Perfect Format for Development"
                                                                                                                                             Reggie St. Claire, Athletic FC, Director of Coaching
If you require any further information about the South Bay Player Development League please email us at info@southbaypdl.com.