Futsal Super Cup Rules and Guidelines

South Bay PDL Futsal Super Cup Rules / Guidelines / Policies General:

No smoking at any facility.

No alcoholic beverages.

No pets.


Players must be instructed to compete in the spirit of the game and according to the laws of the game. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH COACH / MANAGER TO INFORM THEIR PLAYERS, PARENTS AND SUPPORTERS OF THESE RULES AND GUIDELINES.


Abusive Behavior: While at the fields, any coach, parent, team official, player or spectator threatening violence or verbal abuse to any individual will immediately be ejected from the tournament and the team may be ejected from the tournament. This type of behavior is not acceptable at this event and will not be tolerated.


1. General Rules of the Game a. All tournament games shall be played under the laws set forth by the Futsal Laws of the game created by FIFA, except as modified by these rules.


2. Registration and Eligibility

a. Each player must be sanctioned by South Bay PDL.

 b. Only coaches listed on a teams’ official roster handed in before the event are allowed on the players’ sideline. If a change needs to made, it must be approved with SBPDL Futsal administration

c. Master roster may not exceed 8 players and 2 coaches unless approved by SBPDL Futsal administration.

d. Players must be age-appropriate and can only be rostered on a single team in any specific agebracket competition.

e. Each team entered must register online at the designated registration site. Each registered team must have a name..

3. Player’s Equipment and Field Regulations

a. All soccer equipment must adhere to FIFA laws. Jewelry shall not be worn under any circumstances.

b. Jersey, shorts, socks and shin guards are mandatory. Permitted footwear is canvas or soft-leather training or gymnastic shoes with rubber soles or a similar material.

c. No rigid casts are allowed.

d. Player’s numbers must coincide with numbers shown on roster. Duplicate player numbers are not allowed.

e. In the event that team colors are similar, the home team will change colors. The home team is listed on the game card given to the referee. If the home team is not able to change colors, the away team will be asked to.

f. The lead referee will decided who kicks off first. 

g. Each team is required to show up no later than fifteen minutes prior to their scheduled match. The team shall check in with the appropriate onsite official.


4. Substitutions;

a. The player exiting must be completely off the field before the replacement player may enter the field.

b. Any player entering the field too soon may receive a yellow card at the referee’s discretion.

c. Teams switch sides at end of half. There is a one minute halftime.

5. Game Duration, Ball Size, Goal Clearances & Time Outs

a. Game lengths shall be between 20 and 40 minutes (determined based upon the number of games required to be played in one day).

b. The time is kept by the referee.

c. Each team is allowed a thirty second time out per half. No timeout is permitted within the last two minutes of either half.

e. Due to time constraints, time out rules may be modified. “Running time” during the team time out may be implemented, in which event the time out will be limited to thirty seconds; conversely, the referee may add time if he finds a team is using the timeout solely to stall play.

6. Rules to Determine Advancement Flight and group winners are determined using the following rules:

            a. Most Game Points. Teams are awarded three points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss.

            b. In the event of a tie, the following criteria shall apply:

             i. Head to Head Competition. (Does not apply in a three-way or greater tie)

             ii. Largest Goal Differential (i.e., Goals Scored minus Goals Allowed) up to a maximum       differential of plus-5 goals or minus-eight goals per game.

            iii. Goals scored with a maximum of eight (5) per game.

            iv. Fewest goals allowed.

            v. Most shutouts.

            vi. Penalty kicks using current F.I.F.A. rules. Initial round of three alternating penalty   

            c. Playoff games ending in a tie will proceed directly to Penalty kicks (see 6.b.6.).

7. Forfeits a. No grace period will be allowed from scheduled kickoff time.

            b. Teams must be present and ready to play at the scheduled time or forfeit the game.

            c. A minimum of three players constitutes a team.

            d. A forfeit will be recorded as a five to zero result.

            e. Should a team withdraw from competition after it has played some, but not all, group games, the Tournament Committee may at its sole discretion deem all group games scheduled for that team as forfeits, to maintain competitive fairness.

            f. In no case shall a team that forfeits qualify for any playoff rounds or championships.

            g. Abandoned games will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the tournament committee.

            h. All determinations by the Tournament Committee are final.

8. Additional Rules of the Game

            a. Following each game, coaches are required to report to the timekeeper or lead game official and sign the official Gamecard to ensure the score is correctly reported if necessary.

            b. In the event of a scorekeeping error, teams must challenge the scoring error with the scorekeeper within two minutes of the time that such error occurred. Halftime scores cannot be challenged once the second half begins.

            c. Coaches, players and spectators are required to conduct themselves within the Laws of the Game. Note: Coaches and bench players must be seated during play.

            d. All disciplinary measures imposed by the tournament shall be limited to participation in the tournament.

            e. Players, coaches or team officials ejected from a game shall be suspended for at least one additional game.

            f. Additional penalties may be imposed, as deemed fit and necessary by the Tournament Committee.


9. General Information

            a. Under no circumstances will the Tournament Committee or staff be responsible for any part of any expenses, including tournament fee, incurred by any team due to, but not limited to, part or whole cancellation of this tournament.

            b. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on any/all matters and its interpretation of these rules shall be final. No protests will be entertained.

            c. All teams should shake hands at the end of each game as a gesture of friendship and sportsmanship.


South Bay Futsal Super Cup Key Rules for competition


·      All kicks are indirect. (Teams cannot score off of kick-ins, corner kicks, fouls that are not penalty kicks)

·      Kick-ins


·        Players have 4 seconds to kick ball in, Goal keepers have 4 seconds to distribute ball.  clock starts once player re-starting play has the ball.


·        Ball must be on line when kicked in and not be moving


·      Keeper distributes from penalty area may not throw, kick, or volley past half field


·      Fouls –  Most physical contact should be a foul.  The goal is to create an environment that is completely technical/tactical and not physical.


Fouls are accumulated and then re set at half.  2nd half starts a new tally.


On the 6th accumulated foul, the opposing team will be awarded a PK from the 2nd penalty spot

On the 10th accumulated foul, the opposing team will be awarded a PK from the 1st penalty spot